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Customer Relationship Management ...made easy

The idea is simple: An online platform that facilitates the communication and interaction between business and customers.
Newsletters, sms, birthday-reminders and invoicing are only some of the features that will be included!
The first release is expected to be available in the first trimester of 2014.

the project

It is no secret that today's business depend immensely on Public Relations and Communication with Customers -existing or prospective.

As simple as this task may sound to many people, it can be sometimes quite painful and time-consuming.

Our project is designed to facilitate this procedure by organizing all Customers/Contacts in categories, provide birthday/anniversary reminders, event tracking, send newsletter and sms to specific target groups, provide invoicing features and statistics of sales, along with many more features. Collaboration between different workers and adaptability in many different business environments, countries, languages, currencies and local tax laws are fundamental elements of the entire design of this project.

AssetCRM login screen

The Concept

A multi-lingual online environment aiming to assist small and medium sized Business worldwide, in the crucial field on Customer Relationships Management. Highly customizable, adapts to most worldwide User's demands!

The design of the platform adopts the "Responsive" technology thus offering increased usability and performance on any device, spanning from desktop pc's to notebooks, and from tablets to smartphones. All your valuable Clients, are now accessible from the palm of your hand!

Some of the initial available features will be:

• Fully categorized Customer/Contacts list with detailed information about each one of them.

• Customizable Local settings for language, numbering format, currency, vat etc.

• Media Manager for easy uploading your public files to the server.

• Calendar with built-in task scheduler, event management and various reminders.

• Invoice issue for services or goods that are automatically sent to the Client, to your Accountant and to you.

• Various statistics of clients, sales, pending invoices and business financials.

• Newsletter-send feature including fully-editable custom templates to suit every purpose of communication.

• SMS-send built-in feature will allow you to contact your individual Target Groups directly to their mobile phone.

• Multi-user environment enebling the Administrator to assign different tasks to different users.

People said about AssetCRM

why asset crm

Some reasons that we believe you should consider and choose AssetCRM for your Business!

We value your opinion. If you have any suggestions for additional future features, please feel free to contact us!

  • The Platform of AssetCRM is under urgent development and is expected to be available in the first trimester of 2014 ( )
  • @ronskirving The author says the responsive version is "in the final stages of preparation for formal release" :) ^TK
  • @skione Hey, sorry for the delay. On the Author profile page, they link to this: might want to try that :) ^TC
  • @KarposMedia Our authors are brining sexy back to PPT :) I can't believe I just said that... ^TK


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